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Scientific Program - Topics


Aerospace & Mechatronics

The Aerospace and mechatronics Industry in Europe is the world most advanced industry field, for which Korea is currently putting a lot of efforts to catch up. The Aerospace sessions aim to demonstrate the current state-of-the-art technologies in the aerospace fields and show the vision towards the future trend and priorities of development, as well as seeking for potential cooperation subjects between Korean and European organisations/institutes/schools. The mechatronics sessions would cover the current trend of the vast applications of the robotics in the field of the space exploration as well as medical applications.

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The Session of Architecture is dealing with built environment from street furniture to urban planning that is integrated with various fields such as design, planning, construction and engineering. A collaboration work with various professionals is essential to change our built environment. So, we would like to propose the meeting place in EKC 2014 to communicate and build networks with professional who are dealing with built environment in Europe.

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Biological and Medical Science

We aim to maximise the great opportunity that EKC2014 can offer for the Korean scientists working in the field of biological sciences in Europe. Our goal is to strengthen the global networks of Korean biologists and promote the world-class research through international cooperation in the areas of biological sciences, medicine and biotechnology. We will also focus on the enhancement of national competitiveness by improving research communication and development of joint research projects between Korea and Europe. The topic of Biological and Medical Science in EKC2014 is "Bench to bedside - from molecular understanding to clinical applications".

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Energy and Environment

Europe has led the knowledge on energy and the environment which have been core topics over the globe. Energy & Environment sessions deal with diverse global issues on energy and the environment as shown below. The sessions contain a few short presentations on trends and vigorous discussions with panels and audience from diverse sectors, focusing on core topics in each session.

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Information & Communication Technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) in Europe is critical to improve the competitiveness of EU industry as well as to ensure its global leadership in the future developments of these technologies. Due to significantly increasing demands for information technologies in the society and economy, Korea is making lots of investments to collaborate with Europe in ICT area. To that end, this session aims to invite Korean and European ICT experts for exchanging their viewpoints on the next generation ICT and thus to identify and develop opportunities of collaborations on the Korea and Europe ICT research and development activities.

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Inclusive Development

Inclusive Development aims at reducing the gap between the low- and high- income communities, e.g. developing vs. developed countries, the rich and the poor. It provides low-income communities with access to capacity development, and clean environment as well as health and welfare benefits.
Since the first gathering at EKC 2013, a number of scientists and engineers in Europe and Korea, who want to contribute to Inclusive Development through streamlining their expertise and good wills, have been exchanging knowledge and information. Furthermore, they seek for opportunities through which they can develop appropriate technology solutions for the communities that need inclusive development.

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Material Science & Technology

The research and development of the core material is essential to keep high competiveness and the cooperation with the European researches which are leaders in material field is very necessary.
In organized Material Sciences Sessions, we expect many contributions from the Korean professionals who major a material science and engineering in the research institute and the manufacturing company in Europe. This event can be served as a good opportunity to promote strong networking between the related specialists.
The 5 sessions are organized in 4 different applications to digest the divers demands of the extensive materials.

	• Future Flexible Display Technology and Materials I
	• Future Flexible Display Technology and Materials II
	• Materials for energy conversion and storage
	• Metal and it’s applications
	• Nanotechnology and nanomaterials

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Natural Science

Natural Science session invites contributions from diverse disciplines of basic sciences, e.g. physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics, geosciences. It also welcomes subjects diagnosing the currents status of big science. Presentations related to biology can also be submitted to another session “Biological and Medical Science”. Program Committee is currently preparing for the sessions as listed below, and authors are encouraged to consider one of these sessions to present valuable outcomes of recent work. Although poster presentations are recommended, authors may request an oral presentation (at the end of the abstract) if special need can be explained. Please note that oral presentations should contain the cutting-edge research foci in the fields and be understandable to audiences from different fields of science.

	• Communications in Science
	• Big Science and Nobel Prize 2013, God (damn) particle?
	• Active Earth - Geodynamics
	• Changing Ocean
	• Session on physics, mathematics, biology, and/or chemistry depending on submission

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Special Session
	• Korea-EU R&D Model
	• Korea-EU R&D Policy Forum
	• Korean Venture Companies Engaging with EU
	• KITECH Session: Future Trends of Manufacturing Technologies: Advanced Material Processing 
	  and Energy–efficiency system

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